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All the volunteers are in the house

After one year of planning and communicating, we finally awaited all the volunteers in on the airport between 1th and 4th of November.

We made a partnership between ASM and S.O.S children's village

In 1986, SOS Children's Villages started its work in Mozambique, at a time when the country was deeply immersed in civil war. Apart from providing family-based care, the organisation's main aim has been to strengthen family ties. Numerous SOS Emergency Relief Programmes have been organised since the organisation became active in Mozambique.

Goodbye party in Prague

In the last week before leaving for Africa, we held one last beneficial party in a freshly open Wander bar, right in the center of Prague.

How we made new t-shirts with Jazz skate co. and KZW

We made them in collab with a Copenhagen based Jazz Skate Co. and a Prague clothing brand KZW. You can now find them in the streets of Prague, Copenhagen, and Maputo!

How Martin went to Prague

One day I went to Prague, my hometown, to personally work on our T-shirts (and give it more value haha), pick up our freshly printed decks, have few meetings and most importantly give a speech about Skate World Better.

How we met people who build our website

One day in a bar I was talking with a guy I just met and I told him about a project we were planning. He told me many times that it is pretty nice and than he wishes us luck, but that was pretty much it.

We went to Hamburg to meet our partners

We took a ferry from Denmark to northern Germany, which is a beautiful part of Europe by the way, to meet an important partner Skate-aid. Fortunately enough a good friend of mine has an apartment in this super cozy district on the east of the city which would become our base for couple of days (Thank you Max!).

We are making skateboard decks with our own design

It was about the beginning of February when I walked into the office of Ambassadors and met the manager to present our project and see if we can come up with any kind of cooperation. Many of my friends are either sponsored by AMB, work for them as photographers or simply know the owners, so it was rather easy for me to arrange this meeting. Prague is very small after all, so the skate scene just knows each other quite well.