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About us

We are a non-profit organization based in Denmark on a mission to build two public skateparks in Mozambique!

Our mission is to build two concrete skateparks in two very densely populated districts of Maputo, namely Maxaquene and Khongolote.

The skateparks will extend two youth centers, that already support kids in the neighborhoods and will host multiple cultural and educative events.

Our deed is helping these two organizations to grow, attract more kids, more volunteers, more artists, more attention and just progress.

We know skateboarding makes people happy, we have been there, we have tried that.

Our belief is that skateboarding and good access to it will also do its magic in Maputo.

We believe in enthusiasm for interesting projects that bring good to our society.

We believe in the value of human willingness rather than the value of money. We believe in great times while doing great things.

Most importantly, we believe in respect to one another as this project requires a great level of joint-action.

Partnership triangle

We came up with an interconnected project, that not only joints multiple activities, but also people of all origins with different interests.

Altogether, we will create youth centers that will serve all kinds of purposes within the city of Maputo.



Is a Maputo based association of local skaters and skateboard enthusiasts. Apart from being an important element in the very building process, ASM provides us with all kinds of information regarding life in Mozambique, necessary documentation, transport and so on.

ASM is based in a central district of Maxaquene and their primary role is to facilitate the necessary paperwork needed for legal construction and in a later stage operating majority of the programs in the youth center.

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Is another organization working with kids, perhaps more focused on the skateboarding aspect of our intervention. Their base is in a suburban district called Khongolote where the skatepark will be a big surprise to the community. Maputo-Skate works with more than a hundred kids and their reach will surely only grow once we finish.

Their primary role is to prepare the land for the build and gather couple of volunteers from the grounds to help us and learn how to mix concrete!

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Skate World Better

Our role is to facilitate the organization and logistics of the whole process. We gathered the assets and we took care of all the participants.

We communicate with local skateboarders and other communities and we connect them with our architects and engineers who put ideas on paper to create the most feasible project for all levels of skateboarding.

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Our team

Meet the team behind this project

People behind

Those we would not be able to make it without

Legal consultant

Matous Bem



Logo creator

Martin Masaryk

Graphic design

Jakub Karlik

Web Development


Fashion Guru

Jakub Novotny

Promoter / Translator

Jan Balas


Jonas Camps


By now we have already secured the most important essentials to make this happen.


The land I

The first land is about 240 square meters in one of the poorer central districts called Maxaquene. We want to transform that into a kidney shaped bowl.


The land II

The second land is much bigger around 600 square meters in a suburban area of Maputo called Kongolate. The neighbourhood is very densely populated, so we will build a bigger park with a variety of obstacles.


Our boards

We have created our own design with one of our sponsors, Ambassadors skate company. Some boards will be sold to skaters around the world for funding, while the rest will be brought to Maputo for local skaters.

Other accomplishments

We keep our pace and we do not mean to slow down. Communication is a key element of this project.


professional engineers, builders, architects, photographers, academics and skateboarders are already part of this project.


Business meetings with peers around Europe, 1 skateboarding conference attended in Johannesburg with our partners and likeminded peers and several meetings held in Maputo with our current and potential partners.


Skateboarders in Maputo who are part of our team.


International grants asked for.