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What’s happening in Mozambique

Skate World Better is a non-profit based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Our goal is to build the first public skatepark in Maputo, Mozambique by fall 2019 in order to support Maputo’s skateboarding community. To reach our goal we’ve teamed up with Skate-aid and ASM

Mozambique is a country located in southeast Africa experiencing a ‘youth bulge’ in its population. We believe skateboarding can be used as a tool to keep kids away from the dangers of drug use and crime, which are unfortunately prevalent in Mozambique’s capital city.

This project will also provide the city of Maputo with a hip and resurgent place of recreation and assembly.




Milion people. That is how many live in Mozambique.

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Of the entire population is under 15 years of age.

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This many skateparks are in Mozambique.

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That equals 300 thousands newborns each year.

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1 out of 8


People is infected by HIV virus.

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One public bus line from skatepark to city centre.

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What are we doing to help

We came up with an interconnected project, that not only joints multiple activities, but also people of all origins with different interests.

Altogether, we will create a youth center that will serve all kinds of purposes within the city of Maputo.


SWB, Skate-Aid and AMS will build the first public skatepark in Mozambique along with a youth center on the property. It will be right on the coast, in the suburban area of the capital city Maputo.

It is going to be concrete, for both, skilled skaters and beginners. The park will feature a technical and playful section, implementing urban elements, but also a real bowl.


Once the skatepark is built educational seminars, workshops, concerts and exhibitions will take place on Costa do Sol in the first month. After the opening ceremony ASM together with Skate-Aid will facilitate regular skateboarding lessons.


Through skateboarding we want to offer a playful and creative way to learn and make new friendships. In skating, competitiveness is replaced by joint effort and enthusiasm for progress.

To bolster local skate culture we are also bringing skateboards, skate gear and experience with us, to give away in Maputo.


A massive wall surrounding the property will serve as free canvas for local artists and art enthusiasts.

Furthermore, the youth center will regularly host art exhibitions, video premieres, craft workshops, lectures, readings and much more.



By now we have already secured the most important essentials to make this happen.
Material assets

Material Assets

Through our joint venture with Skate-Aid we have been able to cover the material expenses.


The land

The land is 20x40 meters, located in Costa do Sol, a suburban area of Maputo right by the ocean. It is connected with the centre by public bus line.


Our boards

We have created our own design with one of our sponsors, Ambassadors skate company. Some boards will be sold to skaters around the world for funding, while the rest will be brought to Maputo for local skaters.

Other accomplishments

We keep our pace and we do not mean to slow down. Communication is a key element of this project.


People on the team

120 000 DKK

Asked for in grants


Locals involved


Beneficial parties held


Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

The idea behind this project is to unite people from all over our planet and make this project happen, together.

The value is not hidden in money, but in the social grids of enthusiasts who are happy to make others happy.