We are a Denmark based non-profit organization on our mission to build a first public skatepark in Mozambique


Our mission is to build a concrete skatepark, with elements firing for other sports and art.
The skatepark will stand around a youth center that will host multiple cultural and educative events and regular sessions.
Our deed should help local community to grow, attract more kids, more volunteers, more artists and more attention.


We know how skateboarding makes people happy and motivated. We have been there, we have tried that.
We hope skateboarding and good access to it will do it’s magic also in Maputo.


We believe in enthusiasm for interesting projects that bring good to our society.
We believe in the value of human willingness rather than the value of money. We believe in great times while doing great things.
Most importantly we believe in respect to one another, as this project requires a great level of joint-action.

Our Team

Meet the team behind this whole project


Brendan Greene

Africa’s future development is dependent on the opportunities offered to its youth.


An American from Philadelphia, PA, earned his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toledo (Ohio) with a major in History.

Having already finished a Master’s Degree from Norwich University (Vermont) in World History, Brendan is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in African Studies from Copenhagen University.

As such, his academic background is in history, with a specific interest in Southern African history.


Tomas Erskog

Maputo is flourishing with culture everyone needs to experience


Tomas was born in Sweden to a Swedish father and Zimbabwean Mother but spent his youth in Mozambique and South Africa. Having achieved a BA in Arts & Culture from Maastricht University, NL Tomas decided to undertake an MA in African Studies from Copenhagen University to connect his interest in culture with his origin.


Martin Louzecký

Skateboarding will bring me anywhere


After finishing his BA in International territorial studies from Charles University in Prague CZE, continuing with regional studies was a natural choice for Martin.


By now we have already secured the most important essentials to make this happen.
Material assets

Material Assessts

We have been fortunate enough to receive a support from our partnering organization Skate-Aid, that will cover the material expanses.


The land

Our land is 20x40 meters, located in Costa do Sol, a suburban area of Maputo right by the ocean. It is connected with the centre by public bus line.


Our boards

We have created our own design with one of our sponsors, Ambassadors skate company. Some boards will be sold to skaters around the world for funding, while the rest will be brought to Maputo for local skaters.

What else we did?

We keep our pace and we do not mean to slow down. Communication is a key element of this project.


People on the team

85 000 €

Asked for in grants


Meetings with partners


Beneficial parties to be held